The Lonely Affiliate

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Is it good to be a loner of some type in this industry? Don’t successful businesspeople have tons of connections and are well known all over their industry?

For the most part, no and yes. But there are always exceptions to the rules, and you can be a loner with few real connections and still be extremely successful, especially in this industry. In all reality, you can be very successful at affiliate marketing and never have to make any real face-to-face connections with anyone in the industry. And there are more people out there like this then you may think of. In fact, the most successful people in this business are people who never have heard of and more than likely will never hear of.

I am a lonely affiliate and I actually wish I wasn’t at all. However, that is how it is right now and it won’t change that way for awhile, and I am fine with that. I do have reasons for this, and it is not just me being introverted, even though I am just a bit at first. Once I meet someone and talk with them I am fine and love talking with people. So this is not the reason I am like this.

I am a lonely affiliate due to 2 major things. One is that I live in the middle of nowhere. Now, this doesn’t have too much bearing on it, as I can travel a couple of hours and be in DC, Baltimore and other larger areas. But the other reason is I have a family of 4 children to take care of, 2 with autism. I think the autism is what makes it the hardest. My son is high functioning but still little, so it is hard to travel with him in new areas. And my 6-year-old daughter has moderate to severe autism and can’t fly or do anything out in public that requires her to sit and understand how to act appropriately.

I wish I could go to Affiliate Summit or other conferences, but flying and then leaving my wife with 4 children in a hotel is not an ideal situation. We don’t have a strong support system at home, and they definitely could not be an overnight solution. So we are stuck here with each other, and while I love being with them so much, I sometimes feel it may hurt my career.

What am I getting at here? Well, I wanted to get this off my chest a little bit and also share with others that you can have a very strong career without the networking portions. It just gets very lonely at times. I have no one to talk with about my strategies, and I usually just have to try things on my own and see how they go. I don’t have anyone to really bounce ideas off of in the online space, which hurts and sucks to be honest. But you can do it. Just remember that you have to work your butt off to get there and you will fail a ton of times. I have built thousands of sites in the past 6 years, and I have about 150 or so in my network that actually make me money. I have sold sites, yes, but that doesn’t equate for the other thousands of site that I have failed in.

Take away from this that you can be successful by yourself. You just have to be a bit more accountable to yourself and be prepared to maybe fail a bit more than others. I hope I didn’t lose anyone with my ramblings today!

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