Realizing Opportunity in 3rd World Countries

Just a few years ago, CPA offers that were available to countries other then the US, UK, Canada, Australia and sometimes New Zealand, were few and far between. And even if there were offers available to other countries, they converted horribly or they hardly paid anything. Basically, the offers were only good for leftover traffic you had on sites that trickled in. That is hardly true just a few years later, and as we saw near the end of the diet boom, advertisers are starting to branch out to more and more countries.

As technology continues to spread to more and more corners of the world, especially since technology becomes cheaper as well, advertisers are slowly starting to get on board with offers in 3rd world countries. Dating, biz-op, some diet, mobile and many other verticals are all expanding more and more to include these emerging markets, but how in the world can you take advantage of these markets?

The biggest barrier to entry in foreign markets is the language/culture. You need to know the language for obvious reasons. The culture is a bit trickier, because you need the ad to be general but still make sense to the population that is online. Here is my best tip to overcome this barrier.

You need to hire a personal assistant/VA who is native in that country or at least speaks the same language. I wouldn’t hire someone in the US who spoke a foreign language, as people who are foreign and use that language as their native language can help you out with slang words to make the ad seem much more natural. Trust me, if you write up an ad and let Google Translate do the work, it will come out like crap. I tried this in French awhile ago and after the ad bombed, I had a French person look it over and they basically told me how it translated. Meanings of certain words can’t be picked up properly by software, so a real translator is a must when doing international ads.

After you get the ad copy down, it is just like running ads like normal for you. Just be sure to calculate your break-even point and then bid accordingly and make it work. It is not too difficult to break into the other countries, as competition still isnt’ too strong yet, even though it is getting more and more by the day. Just give it a shot like you would with your campaigns in English and you will be more then successful in your endeavors.

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