How to Pitch Local Lead Generation

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I love the area that I live in. It is rural, way off the beaten path and as safe as you could ask for. I also love the businesses that are in my area. They are mostly comprised of hard-working people who provide some type of service to the community. Tech firms are non-existent (well, almost :D ).

Why do I say this? Because this area was extremely ripe and ready to tap into when it came to local lead generation. There are tons of construction companies, plumbers & any other general service provider that you can think of in my area. So the supply was there. The only thing missing was the knowledge and acceptance of online lead generation. Here is how I overcame the initial doubts.

  1. Show them the competition

This really works well if you are working with a company that you have done work for already, so you can really get into the details of what you did and how they can also be where they are at.

Before you meet with the business that you are pitching, you need to do your homework. Bring up the major search terms for that business and show them how many searches are being performed for that keyword each and every month. Explain the importance of the searches and how targeted, local searches are much more meaningful than random, general searches on the Internet.


Next, grab a snapshot of the competitors in the area and show them what they are using in order to be either on top of Google through SEO, Places or through PPC. You will then need to explain in great detail what each of those services are and how you are the person to help them get to the top of those products.


Basically, show them the people they know in the business and show them how they are achieving real results and real customers through online marketing. When they start seeing others on top, that is where they will want to be as well. Then, that makes it easier to get them started on a marketing campaign for their small business.


  1. Show them a generic site


This is one method that I love to employ in the local market. I like to come in for say plumbers and just rank a generic website for “plumbers city, state” and I make them the top result fairly easy. This is where the fun begins.


Now that you have a generic site for the plumbing business, you will naturally start to get traffic. This is where you start to make money. Find a large plumbing company in your area and grab their phone number. On your site, use a local or toll-free phone number for customers to call for a quote. When they call this number, the call will be directed to the company of your choice. Often times, you can have a short message play when the call gets forwarded, such as “This customer call is compliments of Generic Marketing.” Then, after a week or so of leads, depending on the volume, it is time to get in contact.


Call the company and say this is Bryan from Generic Marketing. For the past week, we have been sending you leads via email and phone from Ask how the leads have been converting and just chat them up a bit. Tell them what you do and that you can continue the phone calls and emails for $XXXX or you can just flip the phone number to another company in the area. Most companies don’t want to lose business, especially to other companies. See, the business is already coming in to them. They see the results already. They don’t want it to stop, and they certainly don’t want to lose the business entirely to another company.


  1. Just show the raw data and sell it


If you know what you are doing in this business and are confident in your selling skills, just gather up all the data that you need, mostly monthly searches, and roll with that. You can explain exactly what you are going to do and you should be able to answer most questions quickly on the spot. If you can’t, you probably shouldn’t be in this line of work in all honesty.


The best advice I can really give you is to get out there and just start talking to small businesses. The more that you talk to them, the more you start to understand their needs and also you will learn the feel of the local business marketplace.

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