From Behind the Computer Screen to Face-to-Face with Executives

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Many people in affiliate marketing are starting to evolve into different career paths with their affiliate marketing backgrounds. Some start their own networks. Others take a job in advertising or sales. Then there are those who are trying their hand at starting their own marketing firm by targeting local businesses with web design, SEO and other internet marketing services they mastered in their years as affiliates. But how in the world do you get out from behind your computer to meeting with corporate executives?

  1. Dress for success

Don’t wear whatever you feel like when meeting with clients. I like to meet their accepted dress level in the profession. If I am meeting with lawyers or any professional, you better believe I am bringing a suit out for them. The local burger shop? Jeans and polo shirt worked fine for them.

Pay attention to what you wear very carefully, as what you are wearing is the first thing a client sees. Dress properly and successfully and you will feel that way. And make sure your clothes actually fit properly!

  1. Take care of your hygiene

This is essential for many of you keyboard warriors. Make sure to take care of basic hygiene before you go out for a meeting. Brush your teeth. Comb your hair. Trim your nails. Shave. Or if you have a beard or facial hair, make sure it is trim and appropriate. Nothing is more of a turnoff for people then bad hygiene.

  1. Walk and sit with confidence

When you walk into your meeting, walk in like you own the place. Be confident, hold your head high and make killer eye contact with the gatekeeper. Your confidence will transfer to her and the rest of the visit will go great. Make a good, firm handshake, not a limp-wristed one I have seen so many times. Keep your shoulders back and posture good and you will exude confidence.

  1. Don’t be intimated

No matter who you are meeting with, you are the professional still. They are coming to you for services or advice. Show them you are the best (or at least sound like the best) and you will win them over. You may not be the best technical person in your area, but if you talk confidently about what you can do, they will trust you and want to employ you. Just remember, you are a business owner too. Make your client feel that way!

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