Creative Uses for QR Codes

This is more of a list of ways to use QR codes that I will expand on with later posts. But here are some things for you to munch on for now. Start using them and seeing how you can incorporate QR codes into your offline marketing campaigns.

QR codes on Business Cards – What a great tool for conferences and networking purposes! Have a QR code on your cards that go to a landing page that is all about you and your services. People won’t forget you now!

On Swag – If you are a business that hands out stuff at shows or want to help consult businesses to do this, here is another way to grab their attention at a later date.

On Menus – Say you have a pizza business that takes orders online. Make sure all your takeout menus have QR codes on them so your customers can scan them anytime and order quickly.

In Newspaper or Magazine Ads – Great place since you want them to go to your site now. However, couple it with a strong call to action to increase scans.

Outside a Business – If you are working with a business that is a 9 to 5, place a QR code beside their hours so people can look around on the site if they come after hours.

On Invoices/Receipts – Place the QR code on your sales invoices with an offer to join your mailing list in order to receive coupons and special offers.

On Proposals – Gives the customer a quick way to check out your portfolio.


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