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    Top Pay Per Click Traffic Sources

    For those of you who are looking for more and more traffic sources to run some traffic on, here are all the ones that I know of that offer pay-per-click (PPC) models. For those not 100% sure how PPC Works, please read an earlier post on it. Google Adwords – The strongest of all PPC […]

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    How PPC Works

    This is a prelude to another post on how to maximize your profit when using PPC and CPM platforms. However, before diving into the more advanced techniques, I wanted to make sure everyone is educated on how these platforms work so that my post will make sense to everyone. So, enjoy There are two different […]

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    FREE MONEY! – Get a Free Stock

    So this site is really sweet. It is a newer stock market trading site that is offering new users a free stock. Yes, 100% free! There is a 1 in 9 chance you will get a stock that is worth between $20 to $50, and there is a 1 in 200 chance you could get […]

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    How to Pitch Local Lead Generation

    I love the area that I live in. It is rural, way off the beaten path and as safe as you could ask for. I also love the businesses that are in my area. They are mostly comprised of hard-working people who provide some type of service to the community. Tech firms are non-existent (well, […]

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    Creative Uses for QR Codes

    This is more of a list of ways to use QR codes that I will expand on with later posts. But here are some things for you to munch on for now. Start using them and seeing how you can incorporate QR codes into your offline marketing campaigns. QR codes on Business Cards – What […]

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    The Lonely Affiliate

    Is it good to be a loner of some type in this industry? Don’t successful businesspeople have tons of connections and are well known all over their industry? For the most part, no and yes. But there are always exceptions to the rules, and you can be a loner with few real connections and still […]

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    Why Use an Affiliate Network?

    Affiliate networks are huge in the affiliate marketing space, as they serve as a broker, negotiator and ultimately collector for the money that you earn. Any person who has been successful in the affiliate marketing industry has probably started with an affiliate network before moving on to other avenues. But when you look at what […]

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    How to Get Hired as Freelancer

    These are not some baseless tips from someone who works as a freelancer. This post is about how to actually impress a hiring agent from someone who hires freelancers all the time. I have spent now at least six figures on different freelancers in my career, from small $10 projects to ones where I paid […]

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    From Behind the Computer Screen to Face-to-Face with Executives

    Many people in affiliate marketing are starting to evolve into different career paths with their affiliate marketing backgrounds. Some start their own networks. Others take a job in advertising or sales. Then there are those who are trying their hand at starting their own marketing firm by targeting local businesses with web design, SEO and […]

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