12:32 am - Saturday October 25, 2014

Charlie Sheen Loses Bid for Public Trial

Charlie Sheen’s attempt to get a jury trial for his lawsuit against Warner Bros. Television failed today, as a judge ruled that the arbitration clause in his contract is valid and should be enforced at all costs. Sheen sued the company for $100 million after he was fired for erratic behavior and other misconducts in the public eye. That also included an attack on Chuck Lorre, the producer of the hit show Two and a Half Men.

Sheen wanted a jury trial, as he thought it would be more favorable for him to plead his case. He though his influence could help him in the trial and get him the decision that he looking for. But the judge quickly shot that down, and the defendants couldn’t be happier.

It seems as though people are amused by Sheen and his crazy antics. While he is often drunk and plays that role on TV, people still clammer all over him. In fact, he had a country wide tour where he basically ranted on stage for an hour or so, talking about #Winning. It just shows the attitude of the American public and also the reason why Sheen wanted to have the jury trial.

Even though this judge ruled against the jury trial in this instance, the final decision will actually come down to the arbitrator in this case. Sheen’s lawyer has said that while the case will go in front of an arbitrator, that person can refer the case to a jury trial if they feel that is what is in the best interest of both sides. Of course, Sheen’s lawyer will be putting in a motion to have a jury trial to the arbitration judge, hopefully so that they can use the strategy that they can convince a jury with Sheen’s star power.

However, that strategy could backfire on them bad. Juries need to not know anything about the case, and in that case, the jury pool that he may attract would likely not fall for his antics.

Sheen is also in a bitter custody battle for his children, and this recent case of him going a bit crazy has only hurt his chances. Among the antics, he had strippers in his room while on a vacation with his ex wife and children. This, again, did not help whatsoever in building his character in his custody case.

Even though Sheen was the main character on Two and a Half Men, the show will go on. Ashton Kutcher will be the one to replace Sheen in the sitcom.

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