1:16 pm - Friday October 31, 2014

Affirmative Action Ran Its’ Course

Affirmative action was one of the greatest laws of the civil rights era to be put in place an enforced. It was a much needed law and helped to greatly speed up companies in hiring people of a different race, so that discrimination was cut down greatly.

Fast forward to 2011. Affirmative action has long run its course. Now, it is used more as a crutch then anything. And it needs to end now if minorities want to advance and gain the respect of those in power.

Whether you like to hear it or not, the majority of people who are hiring in America are not racist and will not base a hiring decision based on the color of your skin. Now, more then ever, you are being judged on your character and how you carry yourself. And that is where a lot of minorities lack greatly in. This is real talk here.

Most of the time, it seems as though a white person will get a job over a black person with equal skills. And that may seem like a problem. Until you talk to the two candidates.

One thing that needs to change for minorities to be taken seriously is for them to lose the chip on their shoulder and stop with the attitude. Attitudes won’t get you anywhere in the door at a company and even if you do get in, your attitude will stop you from getting any further at all.

Also, learn to enunciate and talk properly. It may sound bad, but people who are in business want someone who can talk and articulate to clients the proper way. When you are in a business, you are the face of that company, whether you are a cashier or a top level manager. You are what the public sees, so you need to be on your best behavior.

This may sound like a rant on certain qualities. But this is more of real talk of why affirmative action is not needed. Racism is not that prominent anymore. If anything, you are starting to see reverse racism, where companies hire someone unqualified just because they are afraid of being called a racist. And what about those Boston firefighters who got their promotion tests thrown out because no minority passed. Was it the white person’s fault that no one of a different color passed? No, but the Supreme Court somehow ruled to throw out the results. That is why affirmative action needs to be thrown out the window, or we will continue to hire the wrong people for the wrong jobs.

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